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Computer Tuneup

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Slow PC in Fife? Want a Faster PC in Fife?

Does your Computer…..

  • Take ages to open programs?
  • Freeze or become unresponsive?
  • Have odd toolbars or programs installed?
  • Alter your internet search results?
  • Frequently crash?
  • Do strange things
  • Generally make your life a misery?


Then the PC Tune Up (Speed up my PC) might be what you need. In short, we will clean up your PC, get rid of viruses, spy ware, malicious programs or code and generally remove & clean anything that’s causing your PC to run slow. The PC Tune Up is a comprehensive system clean up set of procedures.If the answer is yes….

We know all the tricks and are confident we can get your computer running much faster! Here’s just some of the things we can improve to give you a faster PC.

  • Faster Startup
  • Faster Internet Browsing
  • Faster Program Use
  • Faster Shut Down

Remote Tune Up

If you have home broadband, we can tune up your PC remotely over the internet as though were were sitting in front of it. All we ask is that someone is available in your home whilst we carry out our work. The remote Tune up is a pre-paid service that’s fast and convenient and costs just £45.

If you’d like to purchase a remote tune up session, go right ahead. We’ll then call you to arrange a convenient time. It’s really that simple.

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