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How to remove Microsoft Official Support Scare Ware (Scam Virus) in 10 seconds

Network Installation – Surf Ranger


I’ve installed computer networks in many many offices and homes, but this is the first time I’ve installed one on a ship!

Docked at Rosyth Dockyards, the crew of the Surf Ranger needed a fast wifi network spanning 3 floors decks (sorry must get the lingo right!) so they could share and stream video content to their rooms cabins on those long voyages away from home. That’s exactly what we provided for them.

These things are pretty amazing inside, almost like a floating hotel. The bridge was impressive, I’m just glad they were still docked once I’d finished the job!

It’s satisfying to know one of our networks will be in use in the middle of the ocean and over the world!

Don’t use your ISP’s Email Address



Typically with BT, Sky, Talk Talk, Aol, Virgin Media and most other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) you’ll get a free email addresses with your account. It’s good of these ISP’s to provide this, but the problem arises when you switch to a new broadband provider.  In most cases you’ll lose your email address and most likely any historic emails that are saved on their servers.

Many people will then create a new email address provided by the new ISP then go through the arduous task of getting in touch with all their contacts to inform them of the new address, assuming of course they downloaded their contact list from the old email account.

Since ISP offers change all the time, the chances are you’ll switch providers a number of times during the course of your life and each time having to go through the same process.

Use gmail or Hotmail

This is why we recommend you don’t use your ISP’s free email address. Instead, use a trusted independent email service such as gmail or Hotmail.  You’ll typically have this account for life and nothing will change if you switch to a new broadband provider.

With Gmail, you can even register a cheap domain name, i.e. and attach it to your account so you can then use a more personal email address such as and give one to each person in your family.

All your emails and contacts will remain in one place forever.


Cloud Data Backup & Why it’s so important!


Cloud backup is an ESSENTIAL tool that we recommend everyone has.  Cheap, safe and secure, there’s simply no substitute for having your family photos, videos and documents backed up somewhere other than your home.

External hard drives are great but like any hard drive it’s susceptible to failure, and honestly, we’ve lost count of how many customers have brought in their unresponsive ‘backup drives’ only to be told it’s suffered a mechanical failure and the only way to retrieve the data is to send it to a specialist forensic lab that is going to cost over £1000.   Not only are hard drives at risk from damage / corruption etc, if your home is burgled, your computer equipment is likely the first thing that’s going to go into the swag bag.


With a cloud backup account, should something sinister happen, you can simply download your data to a computer of your choice.

When choosing a cloud backup service, we recommend that it has the following.

Unlimited Storage:

Many file storage services have a capacity cap, even paid versions.  Most are around 500GB which sounds good, but if you have a lot of HD home videos, those babies will eat that up easily. You want an unlimited service so you NEVER have to worry about how much stuff you have either now, or in the future.


With the best will in the world, if you have to manually copy data to a backup drive, or ensure data is in a specific folder, you’ll forget.   Your data backup service should be automatic and backup all your stuff in the background so you can be confident you’ll never lose another file again.

Low Cost:

Many free services give you a very small amount of capacity then when you hit your limit, they charge you a premium to upgrade. What you really want is a simple low cost annual payment that gives you unlimited capacity.


Don’t fall for internet scams or free online backup services that suddenly pop up on your desktop. Stick with a trusted name that has a military grade encryption and security.

Which Service:

One service provider we know that meets all the above criteria is LiveDrive.  We became a re-seller of LiveDrive backup over a year ago and now have over 100 customers using the service.

The Benefits:

What’s the benefit of buying an account via The IT Folk? Well if you buy direct, you’ll get 1TB of storage space for just 1 computer.  Buy via The IT Folk, and we’ll give you totally unlimited storage and for a limited time 2 computers for the price of 1, all for £29.99 per year. Not only that, you’ll get free product support from us and we’ll even help you install and configure it for free if you’re not too good with computers.

What are you waiting for? A hard drive failure?

To take advantage of our 2PC for 1 offer, simply select 2 computers for 1 year. At checkout, enter the coupon code livedrive2.

Windows 8, Two Keys That Will Change Your Life!


Windows 8 sucks.. Yep, it does but we have a super quick tip that will bring balance to the force and make your life much easier.

Microsoft it seems has spent a great deal of time developing a user interface designed to get you lost at every turn. Whether you’re just looking for a simple setting that was dead easy to find in Windows 7, or trying to get back to your desktop from one of the screen engulfing tiles, Windows 8 will send you on an interstellar journey no matter what you’re trying to do.

When this happens, and you’re lost, just hit


No matter how lost you are in Windows 8, this key combo will take you directly to your familiar desktop and open up your file explorer.

Now wasn’t that easy?

If this helped, leave a comment 🙂

What is a Botnet? Protect Against Them.

Get protected against botnets and all other viruses today.

Disable annoying startup programs easily for free.


If your PC or Laptop takes a long time to start up, chances are there’s a heap of unnecessary programs loading at the same time.

Many programs you install set themselves to run when you boot your computer, then sit running in the background hogging valuable system resources as you try to go about your business. Over time, this list of programs can become extensive making for painfully slow startup times and a slow computer in general.

You’ll find there’s plenty ‘paid for’ software out there advertising the ability to disable these programs, but many folks don’t know that Windows has this feature built in.

Simply hold down the windows key plus the R key :



When the small text box appears, type msconfig

This will open System Configuration. Click the ‘Startup’ tab and this will show you all these crafty programs that are set to load when you start your computer.


Go ahead and click the ‘disable all’ button, then re-check important programs such as your antivirus etc.  If you’re not sure what to uncheck, give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise you over the phone for free!

Now click apply and reboot your computer. It should now startup faster and you should notice an overall speed improvement when you’re using it.

If this helped you, leave a comment by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

Laptop overheating? We can fix that!



If your laptop gets very hot when running, chances are it’s overheating and it’s only a matter of time before your motherboard suffers a catastrophic failure.

In many cases, the overheating in a laptop is caused by a build up of dust which overtime forms a thick layer over the extraction vent. Heat is pulled from the processor which gets very hot (this is normal), and is extracted with the assistance of a small fan through a mesh type vent. Once that gets blocked, there’s nowhere for the heat to go and there’s a high chance that one day, when you hit the power button, nothing will happen. It’s dead Jim!

Another common cause is for the fan to get bogged down with dust and / or hair. This causes the fan to run slowly or not at all resulting in the same problem.

So if you’ve noticed your laptop is very hot after it’s been on for a bit, it’s time you got it checked out by a professional.  At the IT Folk Dunfermline – Fife, we’ll strip your laptop down, remove the layer of dust and clear the vent with a blast of compressed air. Whist we’re in there, we’ll clean and lubricate your fan.  Just give us a call or click the ‘Live Help’ button to the right.

IMPORTANT : Some people try to use a vacuum cleaner on the outside to try and suck the dust through the vents. In most cases, this pulls the dust deeper into the vent chambers. Let a professional look at it.

How to boot your laptop in under 10 seconds


If your laptop never leaves home, then the time it takes to start up when you switch it on isn’t that much of a problem. If however, like me, you constantly use your laptop when your out and about, having to wait a few minutes before it boots is a real pain. Leaving it in standby or sleep mode helps but quickly runs the battery down.

Upgrading your existing standard hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) will not only boost your start up times significantly, but will also make applications and programs load much faster as well.

Check out the demonstration of us booting our macbook with an SSD drive.

The trade-off here is that SSD’s are more expensive when it comes to capacity (how much stuff you can store). For example, a 120GB SSD will cost roughly the same as a 1TB Traditional Hard Drive. That’s a huge difference in terms of storage space, but if you’re a mobile laptop user, it’s probably not going to be an issue. Most people keep their big data on the home PC. The performance boost bonus is well worth the trade-off.

Screenshot 2015-03-02 14.32.51

Speaking of desktop computers, they also work great with SSD’s. One tip is to use an 120gb or 240gb SSD for your operating system and programmes, then use a standard large capacity hard drive, either internal or external for your big data, home movies, photos, documents etc.

So, what do you need to install an SDD into your existing laptop?

Keep in mind you’re going to be starting from scratch. Here’s a breakdown of what’s required.

  1. Backup existing files to a USB flash drive or an external drive.
  2. Remove existing hard drive (Technical).
  3. Install new SDD (Technical).
  4. Re-install operating system. Windows / OSX etc. (Technical & need windows installation disk).
  5. Re-install drivers for your laptop. (Technical, usually downloadable from manufacturers website if you don’t have the disk).
  6. Activate Windows using the product key (usually on the base of your laptop).

If you live locally in Fife, we can do it for you, all for our flat fee plus the price of the hard drive.

Need Windows 7 Re-Installed? This could save you £72

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