Bespoke IT Support

Whether you just need someone to tackle IT issues when they arise, or require regular on going support, we will tailor our support services around your business needs.

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Adhoc IT Support

We understand that some small businesses don’t require regular support, or have a need for a support contract.  In fact, we have many customers who call us only when something’s gone wrong. With our Adhoc support service, we will be happy to respond to your issues as and when they arise. Our adhoc service includes:

  • Competitive Hourly Rate

  • Same Day Visits (Subject to Workload)

  • Remote Support

  • No Call-out Fee (Within 10 Mile Radius)

Service Agreement

With an IT Support Service Agreement, for a fixed, competitive monthly fee, we become your IT department handling all your IT needs, and conducting ongoing preventative maintenance.

  • Competitive Monthly Rate

  • Business Critical Same Day Visits

  • Always Manned 1st Line Support

  • Always Manned Remote Support

  • Ongoing IT Maintenance

  • Unlimited Technical Advise

  • No Unexpected Costs

IT Support Block of Hours

IT support when you need it without a monthly financial commitment.

Ideal for small and medium businesses that would like most of the benefits of a support contract without the fixed monthly fee, a pre-paid block of hours gets you IT support when you need it.  The time we spend providing you with support is deducted from your block of hours over a period of 12 months, and you can top up at any time.

The benefits of a pre-paid block of hours are:

  • Competitive Rates

  • Business Critical Same Day Visits

  • Always Manned 1st Line Support

  • Always Manned Remote Support

  • No Unexpected Costs