Using different complex passwords for your many online services is a must these days, but remembering them is a nightmare. Writing them down is a sever security risk, but LastPass (owned by LogMeIn) changes all that.

It’s more than just a password manager. With it’s browser plugin, when you create a new account with an online service, Lastpass will automatically generate a complex password for you and store it. When you revisit that service, it will automatically enter the password making online sign-ins fast and secure.

If you sign in to an existing service you’ve used prior to using LastPass, it will ask if you want to add these credentials to your last pass vault, and if you’ve saved usernames and passwords in your browser, LastPass will import them into your LastPass vault for you.

One word of warning

Obviously having ALL your passwords stored in one place and online is a security risk in itself. If someone was to hack your LastPass account, it’s game over! We highly recommend, no, we insist, you make sure your LastPass password is long and complex, and you use two form authentication. If you’re wondering what two form authentication is and how to use it with east, check out my recent blog post.

How to create a long complex password you’ll never forget

Here’s a good method.  Take some lyrics from your favorite song, and use the first letter of each word. For example, we’ll use John Lennon’s Imagine all the people.

Lyric: You may say that I‘m a dreamer. But I‘m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will be as one.

Password: Ymstiadbintooihsdyjuatwwbao!ӣ

Whilst that password is long, and you might be thinking it will take a while to type, it won’t. Because you know the song, you’ll be typing it in very quickly, and the good thing about LastPass is you only have to do it every 30 days or if you sign in from a different device.  We also recommend you don’t chose a very popular song, and don’t use popular nursery rhymes.

This method in addition to Google Authenticator (two form authentication) will make your LastPass account bullet proof.

Finally, whilst you can download the LastPass desktop software, you don’t need it as you can sign into your LassPass account from your web browser.