ESET Antivirus wins PC Mags Readers Choice Award 2019

We’re delighted that our partners ESET have picked up the PC Mags readers choice award, for the best Antivirus software 2019, receiving the highest rating in all categories including overall satisfaction.


Of course, at The IT Folk, we’ve known this all along which is why we’ve been ESET resellers for more than 6 years. In fact, we have over 400 customers currently subscribed to ESET via The IT Folk, with the vast majority continuing to renew every year.

We selected ESET as our partner because we’d been using ESET ourselves for a number of years prior to becoming a reseller.  What impressed us the most about ESET was the fact it was the best at detecting threats, and had the least impact on computer performance than all the other Antivirus software we tested.  Over the years their software has become much more advanced whilst continuing to have minimum impact on performance.

Why subscribe via The IT Folk?

Buying from ESET directly will cost the same price for their products versus buying via The IT Folk. What we offer on top of this is free local and remote support should you experience problems with the software.  We can even install ESET for you, and if you’re local, we’re happy to visit your home in order to assist you.  Yes, we get a small amount of commission for every sale, however, we’re partners with other Antivirus companies but ‘only’ recommend ESET.