Ditch your ISP’s email address

Typically with BT, Sky, Talk Talk, Aol, Virgin Media and most other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) you’ll get a free email addresses with your account. It’s good of these ISP’s to provide this, but the problem arises when you switch to a new broadband provider.  In most cases you’ll lose your email address and most likely any historic emails that are saved on their servers.

Many people will then create a new email address provided by the new ISP then go through the arduous task of getting in touch with all their contacts to inform them of the new address, assuming of course they downloaded their contact list from the old email account.

Since ISP offers change all the time, the chances are you’ll switch providers a number of times during the course of your life and each time having to go through the same process.

Use gmail or Hotmail

This is why we recommend you don’t use your ISP’s free email address. Instead, use a trusted independent email service such as gmail or Hotmail.  You’ll typically have this account for life and nothing will change if you switch to a new broadband provider. You can log into gmail or other webmail from any computer or smart phone, or you can use it with Microsoft Outlook.

With Gmail, you can even register a cheap domain name (for as little as £6 per year), i.e. yourfamilyname.com and attach it to your account so you can then use a more personal email address such as yourname@yourfamilyname.com and give one to each person in your family.

All your emails and contacts will remain in one place forever.

If you need help setting up a personal email address, get in touch.