Slow Laptop or Computer in Dunfermline? Want a Faster Laptop or Computer in Dunfermline?

Does your computer:

  • Run slowly?
  • Take ages to open programs?
  • Freeze or become unresponsive?
  • Have odd toolbars or programs installed?
  • Alter your internet search results?
  • Frequently crash?
  • Do strange things
  • Generally make your life a misery?

Our comprehensive computer tune and clean up service in Fife solves most computer issues that can cause some of the problems listed above but does a lot more.  By comprehensive, we really mean it and using our expertise we delve deep into your operating system routing out all of the nasties that lead to an unhealthy computer.

Included in our service:

  • Full health check, including memory, and hard drive
  • In-depth analysis of system processes guilty of slowing your computer down.
  • Full malware, spyware, adware and virus removal
  • Elimination of non essential resource hogging startup programs
  • Clearing out of old temporary files and non essential files that clog up your system

Remote Computer Tune Up

Why not take advantage of our super convenient remote tune up service?

If you have reliable home broadband, we can tune up your PC remotely over the internet securely as though were were sitting in front of it. All we ask is that someone is available in your home whilst we carry out our work. The remote Tune up is a pre-paid service that’s convenient and costs just £55. Typically, a remote tune and clean up will last around 3 hours.  If you’d like to purchase a remote tune up session, go right ahead. We’ll then call you to arrange a convenient time. It’s really that simple.

SSD Upgrade

Switching from your old standard hard drive to an inexpensive Solid State Drive (SSD) is the single most beneficial upgrade you can make to your laptop or desktop computer. Once an expensive piece of hardware, SSD’s are now often cheaper than standard drives but, and we can’t emphisise this enough, make a massive difference to the speed of your computer.

A new hard drive does include a fresh, clean install of Windows which comes with some considerations, so hit that ‘find out more’ button to find out if it’s right for you.

Not only did Jason save my laptop after liquid spill but he also provided fantastic customer care. Thank you, Jason.

Very efficient service and PC is now running free of malware and viruses. Would recommend.