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Laptop overheating? We can fix that!



If your laptop gets very hot when running, chances are it’s overheating and it’s only a matter of time before your motherboard suffers a catastrophic failure.

In many cases, the overheating in a laptop is caused by a build up of dust which overtime forms a thick layer over the extraction vent. Heat is pulled from the processor which gets very hot (this is normal), and is extracted with the assistance of a small fan through a mesh type vent. Once that gets blocked, there’s nowhere for the heat to go and there’s a high chance that one day, when you hit the power button, nothing will happen. It’s dead Jim!

Another common cause is for the fan to get bogged down with dust and / or hair. This causes the fan to run slowly or not at all resulting in the same problem.

So if you’ve noticed your laptop is very hot after it’s been on for a bit, it’s time you got it checked out by a professional.  At the IT Folk Dunfermline – Fife, we’ll strip your laptop down, remove the layer of dust and clear the vent with a blast of compressed air. Whist we’re in there, we’ll clean and lubricate your fan.  Just give us a call or click the ‘Live Help’ button to the right.

IMPORTANT : Some people try to use a vacuum cleaner on the outside to try and suck the dust through the vents. In most cases, this pulls the dust deeper into the vent chambers. Let a professional look at it.

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