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How to boot your laptop in under 10 seconds


If your laptop never leaves home, then the time it takes to start up when you switch it on isn’t that much of a problem. If however, like me, you constantly use your laptop when your out and about, having to wait a few minutes before it boots is a real pain. Leaving it in standby or sleep mode helps but quickly runs the battery down.

Upgrading your existing standard hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) will not only boost your start up times significantly, but will also make applications and programs load much faster as well.

Check out the demonstration of us booting our macbook with an SSD drive.

The trade-off here is that SSD’s are more expensive when it comes to capacity (how much stuff you can store). For example, a 120GB SSD will cost roughly the same as a 1TB Traditional Hard Drive. That’s a huge difference in terms of storage space, but if you’re a mobile laptop user, it’s probably not going to be an issue. Most people keep their big data on the home PC. The performance boost bonus is well worth the trade-off.

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Speaking of desktop computers, they also work great with SSD’s. One tip is to use an 120gb or 240gb SSD for your operating system and programmes, then use a standard large capacity hard drive, either internal or external for your big data, home movies, photos, documents etc.

So, what do you need to install an SDD into your existing laptop?

Keep in mind you’re going to be starting from scratch. Here’s a breakdown of what’s required.

  1. Backup existing files to a USB flash drive or an external drive.
  2. Remove existing hard drive (Technical).
  3. Install new SDD (Technical).
  4. Re-install operating system. Windows / OSX etc. (Technical & need windows installation disk).
  5. Re-install drivers for your laptop. (Technical, usually downloadable from manufacturers website if you don’t have the disk).
  6. Activate Windows using the product key (usually on the base of your laptop).

If you live locally in Fife, we can do it for you, all for our flat fee plus the price of the hard drive.

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