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Cloud Data Backup & Why it’s so important!


Cloud backup is an ESSENTIAL tool that we recommend everyone has.  Cheap, safe and secure, there’s simply no substitute for having your family photos, videos and documents backed up somewhere other than your home.

External hard drives are great but like any hard drive it’s susceptible to failure, and honestly, we’ve lost count of how many customers have brought in their unresponsive ‘backup drives’ only to be told it’s suffered a mechanical failure and the only way to retrieve the data is to send it to a specialist forensic lab that is going to cost over £1000.   Not only are hard drives at risk from damage / corruption etc, if your home is burgled, your computer equipment is likely the first thing that’s going to go into the swag bag.


With a cloud backup account, should something sinister happen, you can simply download your data to a computer of your choice.

When choosing a cloud backup service, we recommend that it has the following.

Unlimited Storage:

Many file storage services have a capacity cap, even paid versions.  Most are around 500GB which sounds good, but if you have a lot of HD home videos, those babies will eat that up easily. You want an unlimited service so you NEVER have to worry about how much stuff you have either now, or in the future.


With the best will in the world, if you have to manually copy data to a backup drive, or ensure data is in a specific folder, you’ll forget.   Your data backup service should be automatic and backup all your stuff in the background so you can be confident you’ll never lose another file again.

Low Cost:

Many free services give you a very small amount of capacity then when you hit your limit, they charge you a premium to upgrade. What you really want is a simple low cost annual payment that gives you unlimited capacity.


Don’t fall for internet scams or free online backup services that suddenly pop up on your desktop. Stick with a trusted name that has a military grade encryption and security.

Which Service:

One service provider we know that meets all the above criteria is LiveDrive.  We became a re-seller of LiveDrive backup over a year ago and now have over 100 customers using the service.

The Benefits:

What’s the benefit of buying an account via The IT Folk? Well if you buy direct, you’ll get 1TB of storage space for just 1 computer.  Buy via The IT Folk, and we’ll give you totally unlimited storage and for a limited time 2 computers for the price of 1, all for £29.99 per year. Not only that, you’ll get free product support from us and we’ll even help you install and configure it for free if you’re not too good with computers.

What are you waiting for? A hard drive failure?

To take advantage of our 2PC for 1 offer, simply select 2 computers for 1 year. At checkout, enter the coupon code livedrive2.

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